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“Our selection criteria (and why we chose to work with you) were


  1. Apparent willingness of the designer to work with us to create OUR vision, not impose THEIR vision on us. We definitely got the impression that at least 2 of the other folks we interviewed were coming at us with tunnel vision and seemed intent to convince us that we’d like their style. I think we made the correct decision on these criteria…

  2. All-in-one architecture AND interior design consulting services. The fact that you brought “the whole package” to us (and the other designers didn’t) made a very big difference to us.

  3. Willingness to work with existing structure. The “other guys” spent a lot of energy trying to convince us why it made sense (especially financially) to tear down the existing structure and start fresh. You didn’t. We like this.





“Thank you for all your help and concern, it has been great working with you – one of the few parts of the renovation we really enjoyed”.


Love Laura and Tim

“Shelley’s attention to all aspects of design—natural light, materials selection, sight lines, privacy—ensure that the finished space is radiant, coherent, and delightful to be in.    ……  Shelley’s commitment to ensuring that the client’s needs and tastes are addressed in all aspects of the design is unsurpassed. She successfully channeled my vague and sometimes inconsistent suggestions and directions to create a home that is truly a work of art and fits me like a soft leather glove. … Shelley’s artistic gifts in drawing, painting and sculpture enhance her keen architectural vision, leading to spaces that are exquisite in every detail.”


Take care Mrs. M.




Hi Shelley,

My husband and I knew we did not have much design sense and wanted to make sure our money was well spent on our main floor renovation. Shelley was referred to us by our contractor and had worked with his team on many other renovations. We found Shelley understood what we wanted, she simplified the issues at hand, and she brought an artistic vision to our project. Shelley's knowledge of the construction work required also allowed her to present various
options to us and the contracting team that were practical and easily
understandable. We appreciated her quick response to our questions and her availability to visit stores to select various components needed for the project.


We used db design studio for the design of our home in Belize as we wanted to use the expertise of a Canadian design company to bring a truly homey feel rather than a vacation feel to our new home and life in Belize. We were not disappointed.
The team at db design studio went out of their way to ensure that everything went according to plan, working with us and our construction crew and making all the necessary changes due to the materials and products available in Belize. 
They also provided assistance in designing and sourcing our entire lighting package in Canada and facilitated in shipping to us in Belize.

We would truly recommend them for any construction projects that you might have based on their professionalism and care to detail.  We will be using them again for any future projects we undertake while in Belize. 


Barry & Valerie Snowden

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